BASE jump off Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho

BASE jump off Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho

Combining the two of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences known to men - skydiving and cliff jumping - you get the ultimate extreme thill - BASE jumping. This activity refers to parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff. Given the lower altitudes of the jumps, BASE is significantly more dangerous than skydiving from a plane.

One of the best locations to practice best jumping is Perrine Bridge. Perched nearly 500 feet above the Snake River, this bridge is famously known for this activity, and it doesn’t require a permit like other destinations for the sport.

The operator to guide you through this experience is TandemBASE. As they state on their website, “Base jumping with Tandem Base allows you to free-fall off the Perrine Bridge attached to an experienced base jumping instructor. There’s nothing like the extreme rush of free-falling. So come on, take the next step in your extreme sports junkie experience!”

This activity might seem easier if you’ve skydived before. “Base jumping is similar to skydiving in that you free-fall with a parachute. But with us you’ll jump in tandem off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. It’s a similar experience to skydiving, but the views will be different and you won’t be jumping out of a plane. Come try base jumping with us whether you are an experienced skydiver or a novice skydiving.”

Tandem BASE is the first and only place to experience the BASE jump off the Perrine Bridge. You’ll be able to feel confident as you jump, since you’ll be attached to a highly experienced BASE Tandem Instructor. You will leap from the 486 food Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho and softly come to rest in the beautiful Snake River Canyon.

TandemBASE provides a custom-designed and manufactured set of gear that includes the Huck-It! Dup harness and container system, TandemBASE parachute, and the student harness. “Built to military specifications for material and construction, the Dup’s harness is task specific for TandemBASE.”

The operator takes all precautions to provide the safest environment possible within the realm of BASE jumping. All students are provided with helmets and are required to wear proper footwear, such as athletic shoes or hiking boots. “With a minimum of 2,000 BASE jumps and 1,000 Tandem skydives, TandemBASE instructors begin as the sport’s highest caliber jumpers. Instructors are then required to complete written and practical instruction and testing on TandemBASE Standard Operating Procedures before being certified as TandemBASE Instructors.”

Ever since the first BASE jump in 1984 from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, the sport has been practiced around the world from various objects. Dotted with good altitude, large landing area, easy access, and an encouraging community, the Perrine Bridge has increasingly become a popular BASE destination.