InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas

InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas

INFiLED, an international high-tech enterprise specializing in LED display manufacturing, recently wowed crowds with its amazing booth at InfoComm 2022 held recently in Las Vegas from June 8-10, 2022. InfoComm is a global Pro AV event and a high-quality trade and communication platform in the audio-visual industry that brings together a multitude of exhibitors from around the world, exhibiting products in various domains such as audio, conferencing, video, and streaming, among others, all providing comprehensive AV solutions. Leveraging the large-scale expertise of InfoComm in audiovisual, INFiLED participated in this event for the seventh time as an exhibitor using this occasion to present a plethora of quality visual solutions to global attendees. INFiLED showcased a range of newly-released products that respectively applicable for xR studios, staging, rental, indoor and outdoor fixed installation, among others.

At INFiLED's booth N2323, one of the most attractive displays was its xR studio – a small but complete space measuring 22.5 square meters, entirely built with INFiLED products, composing the DB2.6 wall and DF3.9 floor that can be applied to present virtual environments in high-definition, suitable for film production, TV broadcasting, online product launch, and other application scenarios.

In the xR studio, the DB series on the wall precisely presented abundant color and fully expressed the details of the picture with a high grayscale of 16bit and HDR technology, creating extremely realistic virtual backgrounds. On the floor, the DF series adopted has a high refresh rate of 7680Hz and supports employing integrated motion sensors, to display smooth dynamic images coordinated with physical movements occurring on the floor surface.

Apart from outstanding LED displays going for virtual productions, the rental screens designed for stages were also a highlight of the booth. The most representative of them being the TITAN-X, a high-caliber product nominated for the 20th Annual Parnelli Awards. By right of a pixel pitch of merely 8.33mm and high transparency of 70%, it offers unique and stunning visual effects for stages. Furthermore, it has a high load capacity that can withstand strong winds up to 20m/s, able to operate steadily in concerts, festivals, tours, and other open-air events.

In terms of rental solutions, INFiLED also exhibited a 3x2m screen made of AR Plus series. This series is characterized by high convenience and is suitable for rental applications that pursue high efficiency. It features magnet-assisted assembly and alignment pins for quick installation. Meanwhile, it supports front and rear maintenance, enabling the LED panels, independent power supply, and data unit that is easily removed for maintenance.

Regarding fixed installation, given the actual scenarios of screen applications, several flexible and creative solutions were put on display by INFiLED. The XII1.9 wave screen placed next to the xR studio being one of them. As a symbolic product of INFiLED, the XII series has patented flexible LED modules that can be bent to ±30° and is adjustable every 10°. The curved screen pieced by the XII modules is smooth and natural, which can delicately display the aesthetics of the playback content on it.

On the external siding of the INFiLED booth, a spectacular screen consisting of the standard MV series and the MV Edge series appeared above as an example solution for fixed outdoor convex applications. The size of each standard MV series module is 500*250mm, while that of MV Edge is only 125*250mm. The former creates large flats with relatively few assemblies, while the latter finely performs transition splicing between flats, and thus collectively constructs a whole screen with a fluent convex curve.

For indoor LED display solutions, at this event, the WP series and the WP Arc series with a pixel pitch of 1.56mm were shown. The two series' can be adopted in combination or separately for different occasions.

As for the WP series, it is applicable for conference rooms, hospital reception rooms, multimedia auditoriums, and so forth. The edge thickness of its cabinets is 29.5mm, and the combined thickness is only 37mm after being mounted with thin-wire floating bracket and can be readily embedded into the wall, effectively saving interior space. Not only that, but it also has a soft brightness of 800nits and a wide viewing angle of 160°, making the visual perception vastly comfortable.

Like the WP series, the WP Arc series is also visually pleasing. This series offers impressive screen effects with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, and outstanding 14bit grayscale. The difference from the WP series is that the cabinets in the WP Arc series could be connected at a 15° angle, jointly resulting in a 120° seamless and smooth curved screen. Additionally, it supports multi-window display and is EMC Class B certified, ideally befitting for command centers, dispatch centers, and the like.

In addition to displaying audio-visual related products this time around, InfoComm also discussed product application issues considering the current social situation. "We had a great conversation about using LED and digital signage coming out of the pandemic to enliven, educate and modernize architectural spaces. There are so many compelling solutions to design and integrate for a completely energized environment," said Grif Palmer, VP of Sales, INFiLED at InfoComm Digital Signage Forum.