MMORPG Ragnarok Begins Closed Beta in North America

MMORPG Ragnarok Begins Closed Beta in North America

Global game company Gravity will launch a Closed Beta of the PC / Mobile game 'Ragnarok Begins' for 5 days from October 14th in U.S and Canada.

'Ragnarok Begins' is Ragnarok IP's first side-scrolling MMORPG title, and it is a multi-platform game that supports PC and mobile. Ragnarok Begins has the unique operability and hitting feels of a PC game.

In the case of the game method, you can feel a different experience with side-scrolling play and non-targeting battle methods that were not seen in the existing Ragnarok IP, and you can play with excitement, and joy of growing through core content.

In the graphics, you can feel the cuteness of Ragnarok IP, and the unique charm of Ragnarok Begins is that the regional characteristics and major elements are interpreted according to the side-scrolling play environment. In the domestic Closed Beta launched from September 1 to 7, 2021, it was finished with favorable reviews from most users.

This North American Closed Beta will open from October 14th (4:00 PM western US time) to 18th. Gravity offers a wealth of benefits through three types of events to commemorate the North American Closed beta. During the periods, 10 random users with Perfect daily log-in will receive E-gift card worth $50. A level achievement mission event will be held in which two users who have achieved Base Level 50 or higher will receive an E-gift card worth $500 as a gift through a raffle. In addition, a pre-registration event will be held in which 10 users who have pre-registered on the official Ragnarok Begins website will be randomly selected and given an E-gift card worth $50.

Gravity Co., Ltd. Established in April 2000, during the early stages of the Korean online gaming industry, Gravity has been leading the golden age of online and mobile games, Gravity is the only game company in Korea that is directly listed on the NASDAQ.

As of June 30, 2021, the global cumulative number of accounts of Ragnarok IP, Gravity's flagship IP, exceeded about 120 million. It has also been selected as the "second most beloved Korean game abroad" for the past three consecutive years (Global K Trend wave 2021)

Gravity currently has a strong global network with its subsidiaries "Gravity Neocyon (Korea), overseas branches "Gravity's Communications (Taiwan), Gravity Game Link (Indonesia), Gravity Interactive (USA), Gravity Game Arise (Japan), Gravity Game Tech (Thailand), Gravity Game Hub(Singapore), and Gravity Game Vision(Hong Kong)", Gravity, along with the branch, is expanding its awareness and influence around the world by conducting a global publishing business that discovers and distributes Ragnarok IP games as well as games of various platforms and genres. It is also expanding its content business by advancing into the fields of animation, IPTV, and webtoons as well as various Ragnarok Goods, and conducting various brand collaborations.