Versailles Heroes launches new NFT

Versailles Heroes launches new NFT

With the current crypto market volatility, new NFT Play to Earn games being released in Q4, 2022 are starting to slow down. However, even in a bear market there are always unique outstanding projects ready to rise, and as a result, you can often find highly innovative opportunities.

Versailles Heroes is not just another NFT. It is a one-of-a-kind competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game with outstanding GameFi and metaverse elements.

Created by an experienced team of developers and blockchain experts in Los Angeles USA and Singapore, this is a P2E game that combines crypto-economics with the gaming world, NFT art and blockchain to create a self-contained gaming ecosystem for players.

Versailles Heroes has both PVP and PVE battle mechanics in its matchmaking system, meaning players can battle against each other, go head-to-head or interact with the quests in the environment.

On their adventures, players can accumulate virtual assets, which can be integrated into the embeddable NFTs. However, players must first purchase an NFT Hero from the marketplace to participate, and the winner of each game is rewarded in tokens.

Versailles Heroes has an innovative the NFT upgrade system, allowing the changeable NFT data to be recorded on the chain.

Versailles Heroes provides a duo token model that guarantees the burning of the game token, as well as the extra benefit of a big boost in mining.

The value of each player's NFT can increase over time. All players have room for growth, through continuous battles and upgrades so NFTs become more valuable over time.

Embedded NFTs give the player digital ownership of items and a unique experience obtaining valuable NFT collectibles and assets, earning more match rewards throughout gameplay.

Whitelisted members earn exclusive benefits including an NFT hero box, participation in a mystery box pre-sale giving you 30% of your hero's max MOH rewards airdropped to your wallet, plus early beta testing access.